Milano Collection

Milano makes it hip to be square. The collection of T, C, X and Square posts works well in training, conferencing, and dining spaces. Select from fixed, folding or nesting tables.

  • Features

    • modern single T, C, double T, X, and Square post bases
    • large variety of top sizes and shapes
    • many surface materials to select
    • flip and folding versions available
  • Options

    • cantilevered base
    • concealed casters
    • power/data options
    • under table wire management
    • vertical wire management
    • modesty panel wire management
    • laminate modesty panel
    • black or silver fabric modesty panel
    • fixed perforated metal modesty panel
    • fixed plain front metal modesty panel
    • grommets
    • mini table locks
    • threaded inserts
    • locking casters
    • self-adjusting glides
    • leveler extensions
    • flip top for X-base
    • adjustable height spring clip
    • shorter height
    • taller height
    • bar height

3030 Copy
5451 Copy
5454   Table Copy
5454 Copy
5461 Copy
5464   Table Copy
5464 Copy
5467 Copy
5470   Table Copy
5470 Copy
5472   Round Table
5472   Square Top Copy
5472 Copy
AH5457   Option Copy
AH5458 Copy
C5451   Nesting Copy
C5457 1 Copy
C5461   Nesting   Front Copy
C5461 Copy
C5467 Copy
C5472 Copy
FT5471   Top Flipped
FT5471 Copy
HC5451   Nesting   Back Copy
HC5451   Nesting   Front Copy
HC5451   Nesting   Front
Milano T Base
N5467 Copy
Fred C Base 5467 Table  Large
Fred T Base 0003  Large
P 33 24060 00 Final
Q 33 42000 00 Final
R 33 30030 00 Final


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